NO POLY-FILLED TEDDY BEARS EVER BUT PLASTIC BABIES, YEAH FIEND!  September 4, 2014 - What does a plastic baby, cereal, your nth selfie on that damn cellphone, and Winnie the Pooh’s cousin being murdered have in common? Well, they are all part of a very thought provoking show where your reliance on the plastic life is well, just, plain fantastic! Plastics make it all better there now, my little pet! Rachel Lee Hovnanian: Plastic Perfect / On View: Sept. 4 - Oct. 18, 2014 / Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday (10 am - 6 pm) & Mondays by Appointment / Leila Heller Gallery. 568 West 25th Street. NYC, NY 10001 / Photography by: Max Noy

"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known." - Oscar Wilde

WISE FIEND SAYS ONLY ART NOVICES RUSH IN:   September 4, 2014 - For the uninitiated and wet behind the ears on art night, the free beer and wine is not license to how many galleries you can go to till you roll drunk on the sidewalk. Please take time to look at the art and 20 years of work commands respect, you lush! Philippe Weisbecker / On View: Sept. 4 - Oct. 4, 2014 / Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday (11 am - 6 pm) / Zieher Smith & Horton. 516 West 20th Street. NYC, NY 10011 / Photography by: Max Noy

IT’S JUST AN AUTO EROTIC ROMANCE, FIEND! September 4, 2014 - Our love of the American open road and the car to drive away has been an iconic given. Top down convertible like a hot pink 50’s Chevy or Ford Fairlane, then take your bestie on the road, shoot some A-HOLE drunk, blow up a gas tanker, have the cops chase you then you drive off a cliff but not till you hold your besties hand into oblivion and infamy. The photos in the show will have you thinking of that or NETFLIX “Thelma and Louise”. Brad Pitt not included. Justine Kurland: Sincere Auto Care / On View: Sept. 4 - Oct. 11, 2014 / Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday (11 am - 6pm) / Mitchell-Innes & Nash Gallery. 534 West 26th Street NYC, NY 10001 / Photography by: Olya Turcihin

FIEND FEELS HIS WAY IN THE DARK MATTER:  September 4, 2014 - Stained glass echoes majestic cathedrals or Gothic structures and maybe a Madonna video “Like a Prayer” but in all reverence these stained glass art are beautifully haunting. Get spooked in the right way. As for the next Scary Movie sequel that is gonna take you to a dark place indeed! Yikes! Judith Schaechter: Dark Matter / On View: Sept. 4 - Oct. 25, 2014 / Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday (10 am - 6 pm) / Claire Oliver Gallery. 513 West 26th Street. NYC, NY10001 / Photography by: Max Noy

“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life. ” - Federico Fellini

Are You Really Here for the ART, Fiend? August 20, 2014 - Graduate shows are supposed to be the predictor of what is new. Well, there were new ways to Photoshop for sure but if you just sit still for a moment then be open to the concept then there are some real finds. But basically you find the same rowdy and drunk piss ass student body that come for the free booze and munchies. Fuck the art! Free Cheetos - SCORE!!!! #IRL: In Real Life – The 2014 MFA Photography Graduate Thesis Exhibition / On View: August 15 - September 11, 2014 / Gallery Hours: Open daily 12 - 6 pm but on Thursdays open late till 8 pm / Arnold & Sheila Aronson Gallery at The Sheila C. Johnson Design Center. Parsons - The New School. 66 Fifth Avenue on 13th Street. NYC, NY / photography by: Max Noy

THE NEW CENTURY CALLED FIEND, IT WANTS YOU TO GIVE UP THE HAMMER TIME PANTS!  August 7, 2014 - Listen, you can’t touch this! As with most art, keep your grimy hands to yourself. But it is refreshing to see that galleries keep giving us the NEW. Collaborative work and biogenetic themed art? Well, I may give up those Genie MC Hammer pants but I got my Lanvin Silver pleather Jodphurs on reserve. It is a new century beeatch! Deal with it. Abiogenesis & Summer Highlights II / On View: August 5 - 16, 2014 / Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday (11 am to 6 pm) / New Century Artists Gallery. 530 West 25th Street, Suite 406. NYC, NY 10001 / photography by: Jamie Martinez

FIEND GOES COO COO FOR ART: August 7,2014 - Okay, you don’t need to commit me to the psych ward just yet. I did not flap my wings, molt feathers and started cooing all over Chelsea to freak out the art set but it is tempting. The COO here is two shows that really kept it cool to drink in and quench my thirst for some art. But just in case, I am practicing in earnest my pigeon mating call darlings! Soonyi Oh (August 7 - 13, 2014) & Hector Rene (August 4 - 16, 2014) / Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday (11 am to 6 pm) / COOHAUS Art. 547 West 27th Street, Suite 307. NYC, NY / photography by: Jamie Martinez



Last July 24. 2014, High Temperatures, High Gloss, and High Art melded into a combustible moment for the annual Chelsea Art Walk held to regale the lazy hazy days of summer. Galleries kept their doors open late for the art crowd to cool their heels and ramble all over the West Side but after how many free drinks, you think anyone can walk straight? Fiend joined the throngs and legions of art fans that weaved through the gallery laden streets of Chelsea to pop into as many galleries that night. It has been a cruel, cruel summer - waiting out here but never on my own. Art bitches UNITE to keep the streets alive and cracklin’!

Photography by: Max Noy Photo